How to build an entire editable website in 30 minutes

We built Pullnote to make the annoying task of creating a blog area for a website exceptionally easy - and to prove it built our example site - https://www.svelteheadless.com/ in a little over 30 minutes.

Here's the process we followed

  • Start with a vanilla sveltekit project here in a fresh git repo
  • Create a free account at Pullnote.com
  • Create a new server-side file (+layout.server.js) to pull the data from pullnote.com/pull/note with our API_KEY like this
  • Create a client-side file (+page.svelte) in a directory called [...slug] to display the data for every single page like this
  • Install Tailwind CSS and add some basic stylings to app.css
  • Generate a suitable logo and hero image using ChatGPT-4 (or your favourite AI image generator)
  • Register a domain (we used Fasthosts, but naturally GoDaddy or any of the others is fine)
  • Point the A record at Vercel.com (
  • Register for an account at Vercel and pick up your git repo

And that's it, you're live.


Download the one we did earlier from the svelte-headless git repo and hack it about.

For more, see docs.

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