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Headless Markdown CMS with AI

Content Management Simplified

Pullnote is a headless editing platform that provides content as a service. The headless part lets your users enter plain text or markdown at pullnote.com. That content can then be pulled into your website with a simple API call.

The pullnote API returns HTML or raw markdown as well as header information for SEO optimisation.

Lean startups using Pullnote as their content backend

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Easy to implement with any REST capable front-end

Pullnote can be built into an existing site in < 10 minutes. If using a javascript framework like SvelteKit, Next, Gatsby or Nuxt see getting started and try it for yourself.


Content as a Service (CAAS)

AI CAAS allows placeholder content to be created for a human to later check and approve.

Try it!

curl https://www.pullnote.com/pull/note?key=[YOUR_FREE_API_KEY]

Get started wiring up a blog or a whole website.

Human-in-the-loop AI

Next.JS / React / Svelte / Vue / Angular support

Pullnote can be integrated with anything that can perform a simple GET fetch call. Because it is best to retrieve the content from an edge function on a pseudo-backend (for SSR & SEO benefits) Next, Nuxt and SvelteKit are our recommended platforms.

Svelte integration

Made for developers

As dev you simply slot the returned content into your page or template. The REST API call returns either markdown or clean HTML (i.e. HTML unbloated by WYSIWYG meddling).

Content creation at the speed of AI.

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