Using Retrieve or Create mode

Pullnote now has a retrieve or create API making it the first generative headless CMS.

What is a Retrieve / Create API?

A retrieve or create API allows a front-end to request a document and if that document does not exist it is first created using AI and then returned.

Subsequent calls to the API will return the same, now extant document.

Retrieve or Create (ROC) mode

Instead of making a simple GET call to pullnote.com/pull/note/[slug] to retrieve your page's HTML, pass roc=1 (retrieve or create) e.g.

GET https://pullnote.com/pull/note/articles/animals/interesting-ducks?roc=1

More control

Further, pass title, prompt or img to more closely control the content created.

GET https://pullnote.com/pull/note/articles/animals/interesting-ducks?title=Interesting ducks&prompt=Wax lyrical about great ducks

See API Reference for more info.

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