Markdown Quick Guide

Markdown basics

You just type. Normal text. No need for tags or anything - just type like there is no tomorrow. It JUST WORKS. Or add a little embellishment to make it look nice, for example writing *Eggs* produces the italic Eggs.


**bold** Two stars make things bold


*italic* One star makes things italic




![alt text](image.jpg) Note the ! at the start, important!


# at the start of the line creates a big old heading.

Note: Pullnote already turns your title into an HTML <h1> tag so try to avoid using this yourself.

## Sub-heading. Use as many times as you like.

### sub-sub-heading


- at the start of a sentence creates a list item

  • The - becomes a bullet
    • Which you can also indent


`backticks` make something look all courier like this

Or create a large block of code using 3 backticks


var hello = "world";


var hello = "world";

Other less used but still useful markdown

New lines or things bleeding into each other

Things knocking up right against one another? Leave a double newline to space them out.


\ before a markdown specific symbol leaves it intact as in \* or \#

Horizontal Rule

--- makes one of these cuties:


You kind of 'draw' them with - and | characters e.g.

| Pet | Colour | Favourite |
| Cat | Black  | Always |
| Dog | Grey   | Sometimes |


[^name] in the text gets linked to a repeat of [^name]: to tie references together.

Note: even if you put the reference in immediately afterward, it is always displayed at the bottom of the page.


In Hamlet, Shakespeare eloquently states "To be, or not to be, that is the question" [^shakespeare_ref].

[^shakespeare_ref]: (Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 1)

In Hamlet, Shakespeare eloquently states "To be, or not to be, that is the question" [1]

Note: the reference is at the bottom of the page even though it appears before THIS text in the doc


> kicks something into a <blockquote>

which looks different on every website depending on the CSS


~~this is nonsense~~ use 2 tildas for a strikethrough this is nonsense (it's not!)

See markdown advanced for less common but still useful markdown tricks.

  1. (Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 1)

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